The T.V. tower is actually a space scepter

Fritz Lang Killin' it.

Weekly Turkish market

Found a Mission themed burrito spot




One of my roommates is a pony

And the other is a total schmuck

Work space

Works in progress

Many more to come

Sent a letter

Let it be known


Sorry for the delay. Things have been a little crazy around here. Berlin is incredible. If you can get a cheap ticket, I highly suggest you come sleep on my floor. I have a Lion King sleeping bag and long, tender arms with which I can keep you warm all night long. "Sprechen sie dick?" Unfortunately, the only German I seem to have picked up.

Oh yeah.

Doing it big.

Picked up some Gurken-Sticks at the local market.

And of course my Putz-Meister sponges (with extra dick.)

I think that's blood.

It's kind of cold here.

I joined a Disko-Metal Band. We're called Captain Zorx Stimmungsattacke. We're kind of a big deal.

These guys apparently came through.

They do graffiti here.