Dora from Israel

also loves to nap.

Nap hard, Dora. Nap hard.

Miss these guys

more than they know. Much love.

St. Mawr - Retrospective from Cut Division on Vimeo.
New tattoo for Harold. Somebody buy me a gun.

The girls

also love to nap.

Nap hard.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Dennis Hopper.  Original hipster. RIP.

Check out this interview I did with artist Zhivago Duncan. They edited out our discussion on Wu-Tang. Fuck.


For the past month, I've had the pleasure of working as a studio assistant for Berlin based artist Zhivago Duncan. He is passionate about model cars, staple guns, and the Wu-Tang. This is his studio.

"You kids want to save money?"

"Just staple it to the wall."

Three Fingered Naptime.

Love Boat

I live on the Love Boat. Third one down on the left.

Hype in the corner.

Harry, Matthew, and Fox.

"What? You want to get knocked the fuck out?"